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 The Firm

At Tuckerman Capital, we invest in small manufacturing companies.  We find companies in this segment to be particularly attractive because they lack access to both capital and management resources.  In addition to contributing the capital needed to finance an acquisition, we use our extensive experience with small companies to help grow and improve a portfolio company post-closing.

We support our Deal Partners and portfolio companies by providing:


At Tuckerman Capital, we are able to fund the entire purchase of every investment – both debt and equity.  As a result, the state of the capital markets does not impact our ability to fund an attractive acquisition.  Our funding approach simplifies the acquisition process.  We allow Deal Partners to concentrate their efforts on working with a seller to complete a transaction rather than focusing on the complexities and uncertainties of financing an acquisition.


The managing partners of Tuckerman Capital have completed over thirty manufacturing company acquisitions with an aggregate enterprise value in excess of $400 million.  We understand the small company market and are disciplined about investing only in this niche.

A Value-added Partner

A common challenge faced by small companies is that they do not have the luxury of employing large management teams or hiring expensive consultants.  We play an active role in each of our portfolio companies, both on the board and in an advisory position.  When appropriate, we will contribute our experience as well as the knowledge of our portfolio company managers and other industry contacts.

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